The mission of Salem Friends of Felines is to help as many homeless cats as we can by placing them in loving, permanent homes and reduce feline overpopulation through education and our spay/neuter assistance program.

Our organization has only nine employees: one manager, three thrift store employees, and five shelter technicians. All others are unpaid volunteers.

Some of our Cashiers & Adoption Counselors at the Shelter are with us through the State of Oregon JOBS & Work Experience programs, and we also work with Tribal Programs & Easter Seals. This is a wonderful way to help the people in our community by teaching them new skills, so they can get back into the workforce.

The rest of our organization is entirely volunteer based, including our Board of Directors. Our volunteers come to us from all walks of life, and with many different skills and abilities. We strive hard to find a place for everyone, no matter what their skills or abilities are.

What is Salem Friends of Felines?

We are a limited admissions rescue that believes in helping every kitty we can, by ensuring it will not reproduce an unwanted litter of kittens, and by also helping those that are abandoned, unwanted and homeless find a loving forever family home. Every life matters!

The ASPCA estimates that approximately 2.7 million healthy, and perfectly adoptable pets are euthanized each year. Of that number 70% are kittens and cats.

With your help, we can prevent this from happening by helping reduce these numbers.

We a group of individuals committed to helping cats and people in our community. Our goal is to help with the problem of cat over-population.

Our Shelter & Adoption Center can house about 50 cats and kittens at a time, so we rely on volunteer Foster Homes.

We also have a Thrift Store that is located next door to shelter that is located in Keizer Oregon. Sales from the thrift store help offset some of the costs of caring for the kitties.

What programs do you fund with donations?

We have 3 programs in our organization, but only 2 use donated funds.  The third program generates its own funding and earns enough to be put back into the first two programs.

Our programs are:


The purpose of the Adoption Program is to provide a medical package, socialization and marketing to shelter cats so that they can find loving, forever homes.

Affordable Spay & Neuter

The purpose of the Affordable Spay & Neuter Program is to provide financial assistance for spay and neuter surgeries to Marion and Polk county residents to reduce cat homelessness.

Thrift Store

The purpose of the thrift store program is to provide funding to the shelter so that Salem Friends of Felines is financially healthy.

About My Donations

Is my donation tax deductible?

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donations are tax deductible as the law allows. EIN 68-0577560

Donor Privacy

Priority is given to safeguarding donor confidentiality. SFOF does not sell, trade, rent, or otherwise make available personal donor information, nor send mailings on behalf of other organizations. This policy applies to all information received by SFOF, both online and offline, as well as any electronic, written, or oral communication. SFOF may acknowledge supporters by gift range in quarterly publications or online. If supporters prefer to remain anonymous they can inform SFOF of their desire to have their name withheld from supporter lists.

Where Do My Donations Go?

Your Donations at Work

When you donate to Salem Friends of Felines, you do so with the knowledge that your dollars are working hard to help the cats and kittens in Marion and Polk counties.

We strive to keep administrative and fundraising costs to a minimum and hold ourselves to the highest level of financial stewardship for your donation.  As for our revenue sources, we receive no tax dollars and do not receive any portion of donations paid to national humane organizations.

Salem Friends of Felines IRS 990 Form