We have several foster types to choose from, so that you can help in the area that most fits with your schedule.

We rely on volunteer foster families to care for the kitties in their own homes due to the limited space we have at our shelter.  Many of the kitties that go into foster are simply too small to be ready for adoption.

Fostering is a great change to enjoy and have a pet without having to make a long term commitment.  We provide all of the medical needs and the foster parents provide the food, litter, toys and LOVE!

Without our dedicated foster families we would not be able to help hundreds of kitties each year.  Please join us and help save the kitties!

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Type of Foster Care


Available for kitties any time in the year & for longer periods of time (bottle feeding, weaned kittens, pregnant kitties, mom & babies or adults, your choice)


Available for “kitten season” (May – September) raise kittens until they are old enough for spay/neuter & adoption (bottle feeding, weaned kittens, pregnant kitties, mom & babies, your choice)


Available to temporarily watch someone elses fosters in your home, to cover vacations of regular fosters


Avilable to care for older or ill kitties, that have special needs.  Kitties could also be shy and need socialization. These would be long term or life time kitties.