Abby’s Blessing

Community with a Heart – Abby the BB Kitten

Princess Bebe

This story is not about a senseless act of cruelty although it begins there. It is about a compassionate and generous community that showed its collective heart in reaction to the news that a tiny, defenseless creature was found gravely injured in “their backyard.”

Abby has inspired an awareness of the need in our community to speak up about animal abuse. Without the help of caring citizens, a rescue strategy, veterinary expertise, and media coverage, this would just be another sad example of a social ill often overlooked and underreported.

Abby grew up, healed, and bonded in one of SFOF’s veteran foster homes. After she grew, she underwent her much needed surgery and moved on to her forever home, but her impact on the community continues.

In the meantime, SFOF has been busy setting up and managing its “Abby’s Blessings” fund which not only has paid for her medical needs but has paid for many other shelter cats and kittens to have much needed procedures.

Thank you to all who have donated, read about, spoke out and have turned outrage into compassion and generosity. We are proud to call ourselves Salem Friends of Felines.